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Today I was doing a spark plug change on our 2018 CX-9, and somehow managed to lose a bolt deep into the engine bay, never to be seen again. This bolt holds the bracket in place which mounts on top of the valve cover. For the life of me, I can not identify what bolt this is from the various Mazda parts websites. It appears to be a M6 grade 8.8 bolt/screw, with an 8mm hex head and a dog point. Length is about 16-17mm long. Any help would be greatly appreciated in identifying the part number of this bolt. Thank you!


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Will a standard capscrew with a washer get the job done for you? That would be quicker & cheaper.
Thank you very much!
Lol your post helped me too. Did the spark plugs on a CX5 GTR today. The bolt on the driver side yeet'd itself somewhere in the engine bay. I fished around with a magnet for a bit and prodded everywhere with a surface it could get in contact with something. Nothing. So i guess I'll pay the stupid tax for a $10 bolt.

How did you hand tighten the bolt nearest to the driver side? Did you remove the hose?