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I know it is dead in here but I'm new here lol


2001 Mazda Protege MP3
I found a MP3 from a local Mazda enthusiast (141000 original miles) recently and decided to pull the trigger on it. Now I am slowly starting to bring it to life. Overall the condition is good with a few trouble areas. He hooked me up wirh a clean rear seat and passenger seat and upper door panels for all 4 doors. There are a few rust spots on the exterior (hood and passenger door). The front bumper has a crack and it only had one fog remaining. The car will need a paint job Unfortunately the racing Hart's were lost somewhere along the way. Someone installed the most awful set of ICW 16s ever. Everything on the exterior is easily replaced or fixed.

The interior is in great shape besides needing a deep carpet cleaning and the rear seats are sun faded.

The underbelly is pretty much rust free minus the brake rotors and calipers.

My plan of action is and has already started:

*Tint windows to help maintain the interior. (Complete)
*Replace bushings on the rear sway. (Arriving 2/26/18) Complete 2/26/18
*Locate all the bad bushings in the front and replace (Work begins next week)
*Replace semi working Kenwood Z919 (Complete)
*Source a set of RacingHarts or find a nice 17 (RacingHarts found)
*Shocks and struts but not in a rush(will begin after front and rear end work is nearing completion) (waiting on struts)
* Low pro subwoofer for better sound as the stock setup is gone (3 options in my Amazon cart) Complete JBL sub paired with Alpine Amp 2/25/18
*Headlight Restore Complete 2/28/18
*Final step will be body and paint

This might not be seen but at least I have a plan written that I can't lose haha.
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2001 Mazda Protege MP3
Will try to get some better pictures tomorrow been crunched on time.


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02 Mazda P5
Wow those wheels are horrible, lol. No worry's when i got my mp3 it came with the xxr008, now those are horrible. Wish i could find the stock racing harts. But ended up with some 17" mazda6 wheels, looks real good.


Aww man...Paint em back to silver.

**** canoe-barus, your car corners better than any stock WRX. (peep)
2016 CX-9 GT AWD
such a nice looking car! my only criticism is the yellow rims they don't fit with the rest of the color scheme. white or black would look great or put the original rims back on imo, otherwise i'm jealous


2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege
Hey! Nice MSP, looks much better.

I think silver wheels would look better too but hey, it's your car. Do what you like!
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