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07 MS3
Can I get a sticky for this?

I'll try to get as much as I can in here. It'll probably take a few days so please bear with me...

Going to do this reverse chronological order first, then probably re-order alphabetically.

emblemless grill install

independent fogs on a gt

LED lights install

turbo timer install

diy mudflaps

catch can install

transmission mount install

coilovers/sway bars/camber arms install

rear motor mount installation

molding/emblems removal

service manual downloads

independent fogs with no firewall wire

O2 sensor removal

tpms reset

torque damperinstall

TCS/DSC complete off

boost gauge in driver's vent (DIY)

boost gauge in vent-pod

boost gauge in defrost pod

remote programming

intake resonator removal

cabin filter replacement

HID ballast placement

rear motor mount (DIY)

cat-back exhaust install

shock/strut/spring install

angel eyes install

subwoofer aftermarket wiring

amps and speakers (Bose replacement)

radar detector hardwire

ptp kicker mount install

transmission fluid change

speakers, front replacement

grounding improvement (car audio)

badges, painting

catless cel fix

wheels, how to paint

brake pads, front how-to change

wiper blade, rear replacement (DIY)

brake pads, rear how-to change

badge, front removal

glove box, rattle elimination

sirius sattelite, OEM installation

auxmod, installation

map clamp, diy and installation

dash, rattle elimination

shifter, diy stiffening

turbo timer, apexi install

headlight/tailight tinting

trip computer, unlock on non-gt

oil filter, spin on conversion "how NOT to"

oil, changing

shifter, short shift plate diy

door panel, rear removal

key, flip key part #s

subwoofer, diy enclosure

side mirrors, heated and puddle light diy

turbo inlet pipe, PG tip install

spark plugs, replace

shifter, shorten without a plate

cdfp, install

headlight, hid install

cobb accessport, "unbricking"

audio, external amp install for bose

headlight, hid re-aim

intake, cp-e nano install

bypass valve, forge install

towplate, diy

gauge pod, cp-e center install

gauge, prosport mechanical boost wiring

center console, removal

various, krstym's garage

blow-off valve, turbosmart set-up

camber links, rear install

seat, racing install

bulb, dash bulb tests

side mirrors, heated install

alarm, oem shock sensor upgrade

front bumper, removal

balance shaft, delete

side moldings, removal

storage cubby, shelf liner diy

sway bar, front install

rain visor, oem install

audio, sound deadening install

boost controller, manual install

downpipe, turboXS combo install

intake, aem install

boost controller, manual with atp fuel cut defender

bumper, rear removal and reflector swap

ecu, xede interceptor install

gauge, pg mold-in pod install

wheels, painting diy

FMIC, Protege Garage model install

that's up to page 6
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07 MS3
Thanks. I still need to finish listing, then alphabetize. I've been checking some of the links to make sure it is actually a how-to and not a question. If anyone finds errors, let me know and I'll update the thread.


True Red MS3 GT
Great post, thanks! Just an FYI though, the "lower console removal" is just a question with no followup.



08 MS3
Good Day Rotus
Can't find a diy on EGR cleaning useing search for a 08 MS3, do you know of one please?


07 MS3
I don't think there is one on here. Maybe I need to write one now that I've done it twice.

I can sort of do it from memory:

You'll need a good set of tools and some basic knowledge of how to get around your engine bay. You will also need some wire brushes (straight and bottle), carb cleaner (do not use brake cleaner) a small plastic cup to catch coolant, extra coolant and the EGR (and throttle body) gasket if you don't want to reuse your old one. Use gloves and eye protection.

Remove the intake, battery box and turbo inlet pipe. Be careful when removing the inlet not to break off the small vacuum nipple near the back. If you want to clean the EGR recirc pipe that goes from the EGR to the intake (highly recommended) you will need to remove the intercooler and cold pipe. Once you have all that stuff out of the way, you can get to the EGR valve. Unplug it. Place the plastic cup (or a funnel and hose to a bucket) underneath it and remove the water hose and the two bolts that hold it to the head. Now remove the top cover of the egr valve and place the whole sheebang in a cup full of carb cleaner and let it sit. Every once in a while, use your thumb to actuate the valve to get the cleaner around all parts of the valve.

While the valve is soaking, remove the cold pipe and elbows to get to the throttle body. Remove the throttle body (4 bolts) and you should have access to the far end of the EGR pipe. Unscrew the big nut that holds it onto the intake manifold, then the 2 bolts that hold it to the head. Carefully remove carbon built up behind the head side of the pipe if there is any. If you have a rubber stopper, plug up one end of the pipe and fill that thing with carb cleaner and let it sit.

At this point, I cleaned out the tunnel in the intake manifold that the EGR gasses passed through and it was filthy, you can do the same by blowing carb cleaner in it and using a bottle brush. You won't get all the way through, so you'll have to go from both sides. Make sure to clean out anything loosened that may still be in the tunnel. I sprayed carb cleaner from the intake side to a cup on the pipe side. Make sure you clean the residue from the inside of the manifold. You can use a mirror to look in there, it's dirty. If you have a small pool of oil in there, you can see why some people run a catch can. Once you have the intake clean, you can finish cleaning the pipe and the valve with the wire brushes. I got a multipack of them from Harbor Freight. When cleaning the valve, make sure to turn it so you can clean all sides of it. You should be able to turn the valve by partially opening it with your thumb while turning. Make sure the valve operates smoothly with out sticking.

Reverse for reassembly and don't forget to add coolant.


2012 MazdaSpeed 3
Does anybody have a walkththrough on installing autotech fuel pump internals? Ive been looking but cant seem to find one.