How to fix a scratched Anti-glare infotainment system - Great News!

I own 2017 CX-5 Grand touring and my infotainment looked awful. I didn't know what caused the imperfections on the screen but I found out the antiglare protection was fading and made the screen looked horrible. After spending so much time researching how to remove the coating. I found the solution and I was able to fix my screen in 5 minutes.
The solution to remove the anti-glare coating is the regular Lysol wipes. Just gently wipe the screen for about 5 minutes (circular motion) and clean and dry with a microfiber cloth, you'll be surprised! Mazda dealer quoted me over $1000 to replace the screen, they called it damaged screen. Anyways, if you are worried about glare later, buy and install an anti-glare screen protector from Amazon for $12 but you don't really have to. I hope my experience helps the other Mazda owners.
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