How do I get a 2023 MX-30 R-EV to Perú?

Title says it all:
- My wife and I live in Perú and we've fallen in love with the promise of the MX 30 R-EV.

- I spoke to both my local Mazda dealer and Mazda HQ and the consensus is that our best bet is to purchase with a US, Canadian, or European dealer that ships to LATAM.

Does anyone have any experience importing or exporting a Mazda in this way?

Any leads on a dealership that would allow us to do so?


2020 AWD GS Montreal Canada
This new model will not be sold in the US or Canada. Sorry I can't be of more help. Not even sure if Mexico, Central America or South America will ever sell it either. That leaves Europe and possibly Asia. But not a good idea to import a vehicle if local dealers don't have parts. Perhaps you should look for another vehicle that is sold in your country or wait and see if Mazda decides to sell it in the future.