How are we supposed to update firmware with Mazda Takedowns?

My last firmware was 70.00.335NA. Do I take it to the dealer, and just tell them, "update the firmware, and if there are any TSBs, please amend. Oh, and don't change the oil, I did it already. Quote me on new rotors, pads and labor. Thanks"...? And if I find latest firmware, no issue from 70.00.335NA to 74.x.x?
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You can always ask your dealer to update the firmware. No idea if there is a cost for doing this though.

TSBs are not the same as recalls. If there is an issue with the car, and you found a TSB that might be relevant, you can provide it to them to aid in their diagnostics. Generally TSBs are used by the service techs to aid in troubleshooting/repairing a known issue.

For example, there is a TSB for 2018 CX-9s regarding the potential for the front bumper to crack in a specific area. While the TSB exists and Mazda has acknowledged the problem, I can't go to the dealership and ask them proactively replace my perfectly good front bumper.

They wouldn't change the oil unless you asked them to...
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