Hot import nights


Hey i went to the hot imports night in fort lauderdale. Some nice cars in there. I saw a blue mp3 but only had yellow colored hoses. I also saw 2 p5's. They had flashy paint jobs. Anyone else go to it?
Yeah, I also went... saw the same 4 Protege's you did and a whole sh!t load of frikken hondas. Nothing new....
There were the 2 APC proteges, some guy's Blue MP3 and a P5 with a X-Men themed graphics job all over the car.

To be honest, I'm kinda glad I don't see very many proteges at car shows... it's called ORIGINALITY.

BTW, I have like 70 something pictures from that show off my digital camera, let me know if anyone wants some (various cars)

Here's a link to a page I put up with some pics from the show (just the proteges)

Hot Import Nights Protege Spread @
that first protege on that site, the one with the volcanoes and palms coming from under the hood. UGLY! That is the worst paint job I have ever seen. I wonder how much that cost.


2001 Mazda MP3

That paint job is really creative, but it makes the ride ugly!! On a positive note, that Protege with the red flames, What kind of body kit is that! That bumper with the dual exhaust is tighter that V.P! Anyone know where it came from?
It's a '99-'00 body style, and it looks just like that Red Protege they had with 18" Racing Harts on it and the HKS turbo n stuff... I'm assuming it's the same kit.

I think..

Yeah, I wasn't diggin the paint job on that yellow one either, but hey... it's art.


The MP3 was's my work in progress. I couldn't afford everything before the show. I have yellow hoses, yellow calipers, and carbon fiber APC tail lights. Even though I didn't have much it was alot of fun anyways. Hopefully by the next show I will have more done. :)


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The paint job on a yellow p5 with palms and stuff was 1500. I talked to the couple who owns it. They said in 6 months they only 2k miles on the car, must be nice. If anyone wants to see that car it might show up at the tower shops in ft. lauderdale, this saturday 12/8. I repeat, might show up. And the blue mp3 from the show will be there too, right keepinitup? :)