Mazda3 2.5T HID Ballast Necessary?

I was planning to upgrade my halogen bulbs to hid bulbs and I'm planning to get it online. In a blog post, they have mentioned it is necessary to have ballast along with hid bulbs.

Does anyone have any idea about this? Please advise.


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You absolutely need ballasts to drive HID bulbs.

With that said, since you used the "2.5T" prefix in your thread title. I'll assume that your car is a 2021 Mazda3. According to, all 2021 Mazda3s come with LED headlights, from the base 2.5 S trim all the way up to the 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus. Here is a screenshot of the trim comparison from the site:


As I understand it, the LED headlights Mazda uses are not bulbs that you can replace or upgrade - the "bulb" and housing are all one unit. If you have a 2.5T Mazda3, it looks like you have the best headlights for the 3 available from Mazda, and there is nothing to upgrade them to, unfortunately.
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