Help me, help a friend


Scrotie McBoogerBalls
'13 CWP MS3 & '16 Mazda6 GT
So a local friend of mine is in the running with PASMAG to be able to take her car to SEMA. Her and her husband are good people and have put a lot of work and money into their Civic.

What I'm asking is that you click the link below and vote for her (Lauren Hansel) to help her reach her goal and win this round of competition.

Conversly.....There seems to be another local competitor (with a Hyundai) that has been talking trash and making threats to my friend about turning people against her if she wins. This is a big deal for her since she is HEAVY in the local car show scene and this is generally douchey behavior.

SOOOOOO To teach the guy a lesson we're going to squeeze him out of the competition, and to do that I need you all to also vote for this car below as well to get them the win and squeeze out the douche...

*****If anyone is concerned that this might hurt Brian's (BrainMP5T) chances, it will not. They will never be in competition with each other until they are at SEMA, and she doesnt care about winning the whole thing, only getting to SEMA. Her and Brian have also partnered up to help each other out******

Thanks all....I'll probably be bumping this daily as the competition goes on, and will move on to other rounds.