Has anyone ever shipped a car from coast to coast?


goes to eleven
2013 CX-9
I'm looking for auto transport reviews and recommendations. I need a vehicle transported from CA to NH, preferably in an enclosed trailer. I filled out an online form and got some quotes, but some of the companies are pretty pushy with getting in touch with you and that has me nervous about how the whole shipping business works.


1998 Mazda Millenia L
i personally havent but the company i work for did. From NY to Vegas for a convetion of some sort. they are pretty pushy. we asked for a quote about 1 month in advanced and they would called everyday. we had about 3 companies calling everyday. but they took the car on a flat bed truck so i dont know if you want us that. this was about 2 yrs ago so i dont remember the price. i remember the truck bc i took the car to NJ to get it picked up. if you want the details on the company i can find out if you want.