Good Replacement Speakers for 2022 CX9 Non-Bose

Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade the audio in my new 2022 CX9 Touring.

I've settled on a JBL BassPro Hub spare tire subwoofer to upgrade my bass, but now I'm left wondering what speakers and tweeters would be good upgrades over the stock paper cone OEMs that come with the vehicle.

What speakers did you all use? Why did you pick them? High sensitivity? Best soundstage?

Overall I'm a noob so I feel I'm mostly guessing when I browse Crutchfield, but many of you seem to know what you're talking about and I'd appreciate some recommendations. The only requirement I'd like to keep is I'd rather not install an amp. I'm mostly looking for drop-in replacement speakers that will out perform the OEMs.
22 CX-9 GT
21 6 Carbon
I replaced the 3 subwoofers in the BOSE system and well as the dash tweeters. Without adding an amp you'll need to find speakers that can play loud with very little input power. Parts express is the best place I've found for replacement speakers. Most aftermarket "car" specific speakers are low quality and need a lot of power to sound good.