WTT Gen1 Mazdaspeed3 wheels w/ tires for OEM 17" with tires in Massachusetts area

2012 3 S GT 6sp

I have the following wheels with tires and working TPMS sensors that I'm looking to trade for OEM 17" wheels with usable tires, TPMS sensors, date codes <5 years, and similar condition. I'm located in the Boston area and only willing to trade to people within about 100 miles of myself. No shipping will be offered unless the other person wants to pay for the shipping of these wheels and the shipping of their wheels. If someone wants to meet halfway, we can swap wheels in a parking lot.

I have a 2012 S GT Hatchback and it came with these wheels and a set of 17s with snow tires (including a pic because I used to find it hard to find a pic of what gen2 looked like with gen1 wheels). Although I love the way these look on the car , the ride isn't great and since this isn't autox car or even a mazdaspeed, I'm looking to downsize to get a better ride.

Compatible tire sizes:

Open to other 17 inch wheels but ideally looking for this wheel:
2010 Mazda3 S GT

If you have other OEM 17s you've put on your car with the above tire sizes, I may be interested.

All Date codes are 3418
Recently rebalanced
No patches
Refurbished by the previous owner but also came with minor dings and minor road rash, pictures below.


DF Wheel.jpg DF Tire.jpg DF Date Code.jpg
DR Wheel.jpg DR Tire.jpg PF Date Code.jpg DR Ding.jpg
PF Wheel.jpg PF Tire.jpg PR Date Code.jpg PF Road Rash.jpg
PR Wheel.jpg PR Tire.jpg DR Date Code.jpg PR Road Rash(1).jpg

Thanks for looking!
David, Boston Area


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    PR Road Rash.jpg
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2012 3 S GT 6sp
Update: I needed to get new tires so any trades should also have relatively new tires or cash on your end.