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Hello all, the time has come for me to get rid of the P5. :( I'm debating selling it with the system in it or not, so I'm checking here to see if anyone would be interested in a custom system for their car. The system includes the following pieces:
Pioneer Premier AVIC F90 navigation double din head unit. It has nav, Bluetooth, ipod control, blah blah blah, it was their top unit when I bought it (like 8 years ago)
Pioneer ipod cable to connect to ^
Focal 5 1/4" polyglass components. If you know focal, you know the quality of these.
JL Audio 12TW3 subwoofer. 12" slim sub from JL.
JL Audio ZR8 midbass drivers (2). ZR is JL's top of the line speaker series, many consider JL top of the line components.........
JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier. 5 channel amp to drive a whole system in one chassis, Brilliant.
Custom built A pillar pods to hold Focal components. I will repair and rewrap the drivers side obviously before the sale.
Custom built door panels for JL Audio ZR8's
Custom built subwoofer enclosure for headliner. Yes I put my sub in my headliner. I like to do things different, I got a free shallow sub, and I was told it couldn't be done. This was 7 years ago, it's still going strong 3 subs later.
All miscelleaneus wiring and what not needed to get this going in you're car.

The enclosures are all made of fiberglass and wood. The A pillars and doors are wrapped in vinyl that is a very good match to the factory dash. The sub enclosure is wrapped in a faux suede material that I liked at the time (first piece built, the rest came way later). I have vinyl to wrap the sub enclosure if interested. Some modifications will be needed to your vehicle to make this fit in your car. The doors need a little trimming where the speakers go to fit the 8" in there. The headliner will need to have a few (5) small holes cut into it for the mounting bracket to come through to mount the sub enclosure. Due to the amount and weight of all the pieces, shipping is out. In all honesty, you problaby want me to install it for you as I designed and built all of it and know easily how it all goes. Or you can do it, up to you.

How does it sound you ask? Well, I've been an installer for 13+ years as a profession, and have had a system since before I even had a car (I'm 38 now, you do the math), and this is one of the top 3 stereo's that I've ever built. It is NOT designed to blow your ears out with crazy bass, I'm too old for that. I designed it to make me smile every time I get into the car and press play. It does that in spades. It can get fairly loud too, but it actually sounds good still when you do.

Again, this is gauging interest to see if it's worth pulling all this out or just selling the car with it in.


03 Protege5
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03 Protege5
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