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'01 Yellow MP3 #1026

Hey guys,

One thing has led to another and I've switched to a BMW for most of my racing and enthusiast activities because of a class switch for auto-x. So I'm looking at parting with my MP3.

For those that don't know it, my car is a bit of a piece of history in some ways (the first owner, Terry, was the first to turbo a 3rd Gen/MP3), and is one of the most powerful cars on the board. Pictures and dyno sheets are included in the next few posts and on Page 9.

2001 Mazda MP3 #1026
Sunburst Yellow
Current Mileage on 10/1/07 42,093, about 13K on motor.
306 whp at 16 psi.
Asking: 10,950 FIRM
Can arrange shipping anywhere in US at additional charge/part of a deal.

Sale Pending !!!!!! 10/8/08

This is the majority of the mods list, I've put in about ~25-30K over the last 3 years on top of buying the car. The motor build alone was over 12K because of the extent of the work done on it. The car is "adult driven" in that I have never been rough with it, hit anything with it, overrevved it, drag raced it or anything else that would be detrimental to the car. As I stated in the next post it has a couple of autocross seasons on it, but I'm not a hard launcher (not worth it in these cars) and I have maintained it heavily to ensure nothing wears or breaks or is any way less than perfect.

Also: link to more on the build of the motor:


550 CC Injectors
Secondary Fuel Rail w/280cc injectors
P&P Intake Manifold
VTCS and VICS removed
P&P Matched tubular turbo manifold
P&P Evo III 02 Housing
Evo III 16 G P&P turbo with flapper Upgrade
10-14 psi wastegate actuator
Brushed Stainless steel cold air intake piping
Brushed Stainless Steel Up-Pipe
Greddy Type S BOV
Front Mount Intercooler
3d Carbon/Wings West Custom Painted Carbon Fiber Hood
Spool Racing Seats
Short shifter
Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
Auto-Off Headlights
JIC FL-A2 coilovers
Rota Tarmac II Rims
AWR Trailing Arms
Filled Motor Mounts
Tranny Cooler
Spare Shift Forks
Spare Stock Hood
MSP Welded LSD
Microtech LT8S
J&S Safeguard
Greddy Profec B Spec II
PLX M-300 Wideband
Phantom Boost Gauge
Phantom Water Temp Gauge
Phantom Oil Temp Gauge
Phantom Transmission Temp Gauge
Phantom Oil Pressure Gauge
Matched 3 Gauge Pillar Pod
400 Watt integrated Power Inverter
Greddy EGT Gauge
Custom Tachometer
3” custom turbo back exhaust w/ Magnaflow muffler and customer 3” mandrel bent Jet-Hot coated Down Pipe
Built motor:
Oliver Rods
CP pistons (8.9:1 compression)
P&P Head
Ferrea Exhaust Valves
3 Angle intake and full radius exhaust valve work
Polished crank main webbing
Balanced Rotating Assembly
Toga Bearings
Spec Stage 3+ Clutch w/ ACT pressure plate
Custom lightened flywheel
EBC Yellow Brake Pads
Stainless Front Brake Lines
Walbro 255 In-Tank Pump
NSN Thermal IM Spacer
NSN Manual Transmission Cooler Kit
Microtech Turbo Timer

Attached is one of my dynos from a couple years ago at 13 psi... and then my later 16 psi one (exhaust and a few things were new is why it went up so much in just 3 psi)... Also a half decent shot of the gauge clusters. . The green line on the 16 psi graph is a 10 or 12 psi run we did.. can't remember what it was exactly anymore.


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'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
The car is daily driveable. It can be a little finicky in some cold weather (take 2 cranks to get it to catch and hold because of the way it is set up right now) but I'm updating the tune to remedy that. The only other "bad" thing about it as daily driver is that it doesn't have AC as part of the modifications to allow the larger exhaust and so forth on the car. Otherwise, the car gets about 28 mpg on the highway and about 20 in the city and about 6-8 on the race track under full loads.

Other than that, it's fully functional and in great shape. Extremely reliable and very well taken care of. The condition in person is amazing, extremely glossy paint and overall near flawless. There are 2 dents that are "noticeable" and about 3-4 nearly invisible door dings and about 5-6 minor scratches in the paint (all under about .5" long)

The interior is in great shape, and everyone loves the two racing seats that are on sliders and are reclineable.

This car has almost every possible thing done to it. The only few things that I haven't done that I had contemplated are:
Forged Transmission Gears
Water Injection
GT SPEC Suspension Bracing

Those few things could be used to push the car up to 400 horsepower safely and without issue... just something I haven't spent the time to do. This is truly the ultimate in a modified car and one that has a proven history and reliability.

The car has been raced for 3 autocross seasons of about 7 races a season. I raced it in one high speed event prior to the motor blowing and then being rebuilt with a new block and all the forged goodies and P&P and the like that you can imagine.
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'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
Some "pretty" Pictures from June/July.


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'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
Some more pretty and some of the required "sell" pictures


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Laser Blue MP3
Holy smokes what a deal...anyone care to take bets on how short an amount of time it will take to sell this beast?
Bump for a fellow MP3'er...


'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
Probably HS in either a 318i or a 98 ish 2.2L Impreza based on recommendations etc I'm getting... something cheap to bide the time until I can afford an M3, G35, or Elise.


2006 Honda S2000
Probably HS in either a 318i or a 98 ish 2.2L Impreza based on recommendations etc I'm getting... something cheap to bide the time until I can afford an M3, G35, or Elise.

aww man that sounds really boring, haha. Especially going from your current car. You should at least do an STS2 or CSP Miata :) ;)

Good luck with the sale, that is one fly ride.


'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
It's mostly about being able to compete at a very high level and know the car isn't holding me back.. in SM, even as nice as the MP3 is, it is a detriment to me as i just can't match to the 400+ hp evo's with full aero kits and 285 slicks. And to go "cheaper" or something as far as mods costs for a while.
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2009 CWP Mazda Axela Sport & 2006 Nissan 350z
I had the privilege to see this car in person a few times and it is friken badass. Sorry to see it go Steve.


'01 Yellow MP3 #1026
Thanks guys.. even though I know this is the "right" thing to do for racing etc... I'll still probably be depressed for a few weeks after it leaves or something... definitely "my baby".


2009 CWP Mazda Axela Sport & 2006 Nissan 350z
Steve, I have an engine pick from one of the meets, not sure if you want me to post it. It was the beach meet we had in zion a while ago. Nice zoom in though.
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