FS: 16 steel winter wheels with Blizzak tires ($300)

SOLD: 16 steel winter wheels with Blizzak tires ($300)

For Sale
Set of four Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 studless winter tires mounted on 16 steel wheels. $40 Storage bags included. Wheels/tires were purchased in 2014 for my old 05 Mz3. Sadly the brakes on my new car are too large to take a 16 wheel. My loss is your gain! Tires have approx. 4,000-5,000 miles on them, so should be good for another 7-10k miles depending on your driving style, how far you drive each winter, and how much dry pavement you intend to drive on. One wheel was replaced in the middle of last winter after its predecessor found a really big pothole, so the new wheel was used for half a season. All four wheels were balanced when the bent wheel was replaced. All wheels show light scratches and mild surface rust as you would expect from a winter wheel. Wheels are lugcentric and intended for use with conical based lug nuts. The center bore perfectly fits the Mazda 67.1mm hub.

Note #1: Wheels do NOT have TPMS sensors installed as my Mz3 did not have that system. Obviously you can use them on a car without the sensors installed, but youd have a light on your cluster. You could always install sensors whenever youd like!

Note #2: These tires were absolute BEASTS in the blizzards the DC area has had in the last five years. Drove anywhere I wanted without issue without slipping or sliding. Uphill, downhill..... it didnt matter. I passed numerous people spun out on the side of the road, or unable to go up and down hills with no problems whatsoever. My job requires me to be there regardless of the weather, so well worth the cost for me.

Note #3: They dont make you invincible, so drive according to conditions, and dont outdrive the tires/car in inclement weather.

Asking Price
-$300. Wheel and tire set new were nearly $800, so Im asking less than half the original price with more than half the potential life of the tires remaining. The price of these wheels nearly doubled since I originally purchased them (see the attached invoices), and buying just the wheels now would be more than my asking price. Id really like to offset the cost of new 17 wheels/tires before winter sets in.
-Willing to entertain a trade for similar 17 snow wheels with snow tires in similar condition.

Falls Church, VA. Im not really interested in shipping, but Ill happily meet you (within reason) in most of the DMV region.

Wheel Specs
-16 x 6.5
-Bolt Pattern 5 X 114.3
-Center Bore 67.1
-Offset 50

Tire Specs
-Bridgestone Blizzak WS80


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2012 Mazda 5
Sorry, it would only let me attach five photos. Here are the tread shots, and invoices.


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