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Front suspension work - What to replace?

As far as I know, the stabilizer bar likes to clunk when the bushings are shot, especially the rear.

I would assume that new bushings might tighten things up a bit.
Replaced the rear stabilizer bushings on my P5 and they were obviously worn out when replacing them with new OEM ones (that OEM internal dimension at first looked too small until replacing them) and did tighten up things considerably.
I don't know how difficult it is to replace them.
Super Easy
Check your sway bar links for slop too, although I'm pretty sure that they clunk when they're wearing out.
At that time, I noticed both end links rubber boots were dried out and cracked and actually one of links was actually bent (pretty bad - I assume stock OEM ones). I later replaced both sides stabilizer bar end links with thicker ones.

My guess the bent link was someone at some time jumped a curb with evidence of some scraping of a bolt-head nearby.

For the end link removal/installation tasks, I found it best to use some (thin) long nose vise grip locking pliers to hold the end link mounting surface so the end link bolt won't spin while loosening/tightening them rather than trying to use an Allen wrench/Torx bit to hold the end link bolt still (tool pic below).


Speaking about sway bars, previous to replacing both sides FRONT Strut Assemblies and End Links, I noticed a RADICAL front end shift very noticeable on sharp left hand turns.

After replacing most front suspension parts, I would attribute that radical movement to worn out sway bar bushings and a MISSING SWAY BAR BUSHING STABILIZER BRACKET (illustration of it shown below) where the sway bar could actually slide sideways.

I also noticed a lot of my "clunking" noises from up front (especially noticeable going over road bumps at lower speeds) was resolved by Monday's installation of missing front disc brake retainer brackets and anti-rattle clips that I suspect were a PITA for someone to re-install in the past or had problems with brake pads binding and wanted total disc pad free play to "hyper-mile".


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