Front crash sensor problem

Hi, I have a Mazda 5 2.0l petrol 2007 - the airbag warning light was flashing and it failed the MOT as a result. My garage found that the front sensor plus socket which leads into it was badly corroded and said I needed a new one. They can get the sensor (£120) but can't get the plug which is wired into the loom unless they buy the loom (£1200!!) They said the only way round this is to get hold of a second hand sensor with socket attached which they can then wire in- Does anyone know of another option? and if I buy a second hand one does it have to be a 2007 one?
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
You can't just buy a new socket. You have to hunt for a used one like they said.

Did you have them take a picture of the socket so you could match it? If not, you will need to disconnect the battery, disconnect the front sensor and take a picture of it and then hit up junkyards and match it.

That way, you can check lots of Mazdas (and Fords) because I am sure the same socket was used across many Mazdas and Fords...not just Mazda 5.

Ask the guys at the garage which junkyards they would try first.
Hi, thanks for the advice....Ive just been to another garage - they said that they will be able to repair the old socket ...'re-pin' it ,,,which can then be used on a new Mazda sensor (£130) I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Another garage said that the car will be a 'right off' unless a new loom with the socket attached is used (£1200)...apparently any changes to the original loom including fiddling around with the socket will change the resistance of the 'low voltage' loom and thus cause the warning light to go off...I'm hoping he is wrong!

I'll let you know how it turns out ---its going in on Tuesday