2013~2016 Found an excellent place to run accessory wiring from battery to inside the CX-5

South Carolina
12 MZ5 13 CX-5
If you need to run accessory wiring from the battery to the inside of the car to add stuff like aux lighting, or an amp, or whatever, if your CX-5 has the automatic transmission, there's a huge and terrific spot to drill through: it's where the clutch would have gone! There's absolutely nothing in the way on either side of the firewall, so it's very safe to drill, and easy to see. It's so huge, you could run multiple passes of 1/0 wire if you desire! I simply ran 4 gauge, with is plenty for my needs. Just remember to always use a grommet! You don't want a hot power wire rubbing against metal of Woof! Your baby will go up in flames. :(

Engine side, very convenient, right behind the battery!

Under the dash, half way between the main wiring harness and the brake pedal. Super easy to get a drill in there to make a hole. I used a step bit.

Insulation back in place! It's even pre-cut so it pops right out, easy piezy.

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