FMIC, Unichip, rear deck speaker/amp, gauges, instrument cluster, plus LOTS more

About 4 yrs ago #1650 MSP was destroyed by an idiot on the I have a bunch of parts to get rid of.
It's been awhile since I have been on here, so if my prices are "crazy"...feel free to educate...hopefully without flaming! (flame)
Moderators...I read the rules, but if I'm screwing up...let me know as well...and I'll fix accordingly.

Here goes;

Unichip; new never installed--$450
fog light; great condition, new silverstar bulb included--$30

Turbo Life FMIC; brand new never installed w/hardpipes--SOLD
2 over steering wheel gauge pods; never installed--SOLD
MSP Sparco shifter--SOLD
2 Greddy Turbo timers; one black (new), one silver (used)--SOLD
Autometer Ultralite Boost gauge; part #4301, new never installed, almost perfect match with stock msp gauges--SOLD
'03.5 titanium grey rear deck wing; couple of scrapes and paint flaws (see pics)--SOLD
complete instrument cluster with Dave B's rings; perfect condition--SOLD
OEM rear speaker deck; with amp and brackets; worked when pulled for trunk cage--SOLD
Injen air filter; great condition--SOLD
Autometer Ultralite Pyrometer; part #4343, new never installed, matches boost gauge--SOLD
OEM upper strut bar; great condition--SOLD
All parts located in Plano, TX and I can ship pretty much any/everything as long as you pay for it. I have a paypal account...and if ur local, cash talks.
Good luck to everyone on here keeping the MSP's alive...definitely miss mine!


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more pics


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Mazdaspeed Protege
I will take gauge pod if one of those guys falls through. Ill also take the shifter if he doesn't take it.
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2003 MSP RIP
pm's replied to...and if someone falls through on the shifter and pod, you're first in line mica.


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Brisbane QLD AUS
Able to ship intercooler to Australia?

If so get me a quote, ill pm you address.
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2003 MSP RIP
Sorry for delay in updating the post, and getting back to everyone.
Sold items updated... and thank you to all those that purchased items...shipping everything tomorrow!

Rosskie- need a zip code for shipping, but can guarantee it will cost almost that just in shipping...nice lowball tho...LOL!


mazda protege dx 03
Rear wing spoken for. Waiting on paypal. Will be a nice edition once black considering they never made a black 03.5 and all thats left for my clone msp is the sideskirts after this wing


2003 MSP RIP
List updated...and thanks for all the support!

Unichip and fog light left...any "reasonable" offers...?