Fixing Issue: Car won't turn off. It doesn't realize it's in park

Fixing issue: car won't turn off (radio runs, screen off, shift into park noitce, can't lock car), it doesn't realize it's in park...issue applies to both Mazda6 and CX-5

i have a 2014 mazda 6 itouring, the issue below has been going on for a year now: when i put the car in park, and turn the car off:
-engine shuts off BUT:
-it tells me to put the shifter in park.
-dash board shows the car in park
-display and radio stay on
-can't lock car

temp fix:
-i then have to push the button (without pushing brake pedal = not starting car),
-push the shifter sideways a couple of times and then push the button and the car turns off.
-It now got to the point, where the temp fix was no longer worked

proper fix:
turns out there is a park position sensor...the rubber at the end of the switch becomes too soft and it doesn't push in any the car thinks that its still in a shifted position and it does not turn off. here is a video of what i did to fix the issue:

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Until you get the fix, try pushing the gear shift to Park and hold it against the side. Then release it and it will jump to its normal Park resting position. This worked for me until I traded it in. I pitied the new owners.
I am so glad I found this thread. This issue started for me about a year ago. I would have to start the car again, shift to drive, then back to park. At first it was 2-3 times, now I'm having to do this more than 20 times before the car will actually turn off. To say that I'm livid after doing this is an understatement. I live in Texas and during the summer, it is so effin hot in that car as soon as the AC is off. I seriously have considered driving this car into a lake or torching it. Thankfully I found this video on how to fix before doing that. Haha..
This is a huge help! I had a similar issue on my '07 Saturn VUE Redline and I figured it was the same thing on my '14 CX-5 GT. Thanks so much!!