First time mazda owner 2003 protege es 5 speed


2003 mazda protege es
Sup everyone, my name is gerson not to long ago my wifey bought me a 03' protege es 5 speed laser mica blue after i lost my car. Long story short i had a 06' VW jetta gli got in a wrecked lost the car ): now i own a mazda. I like this car alot and im planning on doing a few upgrades and stancing it out although its slow for now lol. Little by little starting to knw alot more abt protege. Hope to find alot of useful tips on this forum.


2014 Mazda2 Sport
Welcome! You'll come to find out stock Mazdas handle way better than stock/lightly modded VWs (I know this as I used to have a mk2 Jetta with some suspension mods) =)