Fire Department Emergency Lighting & Siren

Hey all,
I am a firefighter here in Northeast Ohio IAFF L2998, and our department is pushing for all of our personnel to have emergency lighting and a siren installed in our vehicles. This was only requested for our part-time/volunteer staff as they responded directly to the scene of an emergency but with the increased call volume they want to extend it to full-time as well. Yes I am aware of the legal stuff, laws, insurance, etc. pertaining to this. My question is if there are any other firefighters/emts that run their POV's with emergency equipment. I am looking for advice in where to mount a siren speaker. Ive looked under the hood and I'm seeing a lot of plastic but I'm thinking there might be something behind the grille/bumper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My vehicle is a 2018 CX-5 Touring
2017 CX-5 GT/Tech
Hmm.. I'll take a look at mine. I'm not a first responder but my company does sell and maintain several departments equipment. Do you have a kit in mind?