factory hood scoop

Did anyone else get a factory hood scoop on their mp3? I have noticed that in all of the pictures that i have seen of mp3's that no one else has a factory hood scoop. I was just wondering if anyone else has one.

I guess that i was the lucky one to get the FSZE 170hp engine and a factory hood scoop.

Or does the mp3's that have the FSZE engine come with the factory hood scoop?

I am getting my pictures developed this week and i will show you all what the hood scoop looks like.

thanks mp3#5


FACTORY HOOD SCOOP? r u kidding? what did u pay for your car and what name does it have on the sticker (name of the car)?!?!?!?!?



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u sure u didnt buy a wrx buy mistake??? :rolleyes: nah...just phuckin with ya...can't wait to see pics!
ive got to see some pics of this...maybe it cause u got one of the 1st production lines
they thought u were special
lets see some pics..
I get paid this Friday the 2nd, so i went ahead and put the pictures of my MP3 in to get developed today Wendesday the 31st. I took the pictures on one of those throw away cameras, so i hope that the pictures turn out good. This way all of you can see the factory hood scoop and the FSZE code on the engine.

Also when i get the pictures back, how do i go about putting them on the forum? Help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks mp3#5


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that's how or emal me them to hukster@optonline.net and i post them up for ya hehe :D :p


Hey my MP3 came with ABS brakes, cruise control, and a moonroof... s****... come on now... I'll believe it when I see it myself...
You mean you guys didn't get the new RX motor in yours? Hell, I thought that they all cam with the new Rotory!!

Now, where did I put that Bullsh!t flag......


Put them on the forum? Are you kidding me, of course putt hem on the forum.

And if you really have an fsze and factory scoop I'll make a page for u myself!


i would not believe it even if i saw the pictures. the Fs-Ze is a japan spec engine and J-spec engines dont pass US emishions you will have to save that tall take for your fishing friends.. :mad:


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It looks good... actually it looks bad ass!!! I kind of am still skeptical about being factory merch. Kind of looks like a Mustang's scoop. Now if we only got to see the FS-ZE marking on the engine... that would totally give credibility to MP#5's story. :D


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I saw that car (or someone with the same mod) in a pic at a car show a coupla months ago over on yahoogroups.com. I don't think thats factory. Looks exactly the same. I'll have to dig for the link... And oh yeah, where's the pics of the FSZE branding on the engine!? :D


O that picture?? hmm i know wut you are talking about.. but that picture was a MP3 with a subaru lookalike hood scoop.... this oen is mustang... But either way.. they look pretty Good..


You're probably thinking of the MP3 from my club here in Quebec. Is that the one?


And yes, it is WRX style..

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