Engine Knocking. Spun Rod? Probably... Help?


Just wanted to post an update for everyone who helped me out. FSZE is in the car. I went ahead and had the shop install a timing belt / waterpump kit, as well as a new clutch and lightweight flywheel. Car came back with a messed up alignment and no A/C. Still working that out with the shop. Hasn't been a huge priority since the car actually runs fine. They installed the FSDE intake and exhaust manifolds for SMOG reasons.

After spending a couple of weeks driving it, my butt dyno is telling me it's slightly low on torque compared to the FSDE. It just doesn't feel as punchy under 3.5k at WOT. Not by much, but it feels noticeable. I'm currently in the process of installing the FSZE intake manifold. I'm hoping that makes a difference.

In the process of switching the manifold I found a throttle body spacer as well as a coolant bypass mod. I keep finding new modifications every time I work on this car. I'm starting to think the car I bought had quite a bit of work done to it, because I was always impressed by how strong it pulled and how free-revving the engine was. Hopefully I can get it back to feeling the same. Gonna pull the valve cover tomorrow to make sure I have an FS9 exhaust cam.
I wonder what they took apart to mess up the alignment. Did they take the engine out of the top or bottom? If bottom, the subframe usually won't go back where it was, and an alignment is needed.

I can't say I noticed much of a difference with mine, better or worse.


I'm not sure which way they took it out. I'm thinking top. I found it funny how they said they don't touch the suspension, but knew I had camber bolts...

I've installed the FSZE intake manifold, and I feel like things are more back to normal power wise. BTW, huge pain to install!! I also found out I had a throttle body spacer. Decided to keep it on because why not?

I'm thinking I should make some sort of build thread for all this. Lots of things I am learning that I'm sure would help someone else out in the future.