Drone mobile vs Remote

2020 CX-9 GT
Anyone have opinions on the value of using Drone Mobile w/ LTE vs a 3000' 2 way remote?

The biggest perk I see is not having to carry around a second fob, but that service fee sure adds up over the years.
2009 Mazda CX-9 GT
Cost steered me away. My installer said that the modules need to be updated, so you need to replace it every 2-3 years (not sure if he was BS'ing me or not), so possibly even more expense.

I hated having 2 fobs at first, but now it doesn't even phase me.
2018 CX-9 GT
Drone mobile allows you to see the status of the car I believe, and has unlimited range. But using an app is a bit slower than using a remote (You have to unlock the phone, open the app, etc).

Personally I don’t need the extra range and use the OEM fob for remote start, but that might not work for your specific situation.