Drivers' side windshield wiper chatter?


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Has anyone else run into a problem with drivers' side wiper chatter? It happens when the wipers reach the end of their stroke and the drivers' side wiper is basically vertical. When it pulls back, there's some grab and wobble and noise.

I've cleaned the windshield thoroughly and have tried two cleaned wiper blades so far - a new Anco beam-type wiper and a conventional one (make unknown). They both seem to do the same thing, so I'm wondering if there's some kind of wiper arm tension adjustment that may be out of whack.

This is a 2013 MZ5.




2012 Mazda 5 Grand Touring
On other vehicles I've had, this is caused by the blade not being square / perpendicular to the windshield at the end of the path, so it struggles to flip from wiping one direction to the other. I found some relief by grabbing the end of the wiper arm with some pliers and twisting it just a bit so that the blade edge is perpendicular to the glass. Definitely more art than science, eyeball it carefully and not much "twist" is usually required. The arms don't really bend over time or anything, but there's enough variance in blade manufacturing that these fit into the arms differently just a bit to be "off". Get the arm at the end of travel, shut off the key to keep it there; lift the blade up a bit and gently lower so it will sit on the edge. It should be visibly square to the glass surface. If it isn' may need correction. Arm tension springs can weaken over time, also, but I wouldn't think so yet on a 2013.
2014 Mazda5 Sport auto
Good advice! I've had this problem on a past car or two and never thought about the blade angle, but it makes sense.