Does Mazda ever advertise?

Ottawa, Ontario
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I watch a bit of TV and stuff, mostly sports and car shows, and you would think that Mazda would advertise it's products on those types of programs.
There are tons of car ads to watch, but I have yet to see a Mazda commercial.
If it wasn't for this forum, I'd never know what products Mazda has in their showrooms.
Lots and lost of ads from the Koreans, as well as GM, Ford, Jeep, other Japanese makes, and the Germans. Mazda? Nothing.
What's going on here?


2020 AWD GS Montreal Canada
I guess it depends on where you are and if local or national TV channels. A while ago in my area, there were regular CX-5 ads, then CX-50 and this week CX-90! However I've never seen a Tesla ad :ROFLMAO: