Disengaging Electronic Brake

Dumb question guys...is there a way to disengage the electronic parking brake if the battery is dead? Probably not since it's electronic but I was wondering if there was a way around it.

Our battery got drained once and we had it towed to the dealership to sort it out. The tow guy had to drag it off our drive way. Hubby hated seeing that so he started to not use the e-brake at all. I couldn't fall out of that habit. Now, it's happened again, it'll need to get towed and the electronic brake is still on and it'll be dragged.


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Dumb question dont exist, only dumb answers ;)
There is no way to disengage with dead battery, unless you use jumper leads as said.


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If still active for her, the OP should call Mazda Roadside Assistance, they will jump the battery or tow to the dealer for free.
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Dumb question dont exist,
I've always disagreed with this concept. If I said "I have never been to Illinois in my life", and you proceed to asked me "Have you ever been to Chicago?" - that's a dumb question.

- I suppose if you didn't know that Chicago was in Illinois then it's not a dumb question, but then that restates in to "there are no dumb questions, only dumb people"
I think he did try but it was a no go and it ended up being dragged anyway. 😕
Hmm then either the connection was not good or there was not enough time with the jump leads to at least bring a stabilized voltage in the dead battery enough to have amps to disengage the ebrake. Tow truck drivers are not necessarily known for being automotive mechanically wise only passing the states driving test requirement to drive a truck.
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