Dirty cars - or using them how they are meant to be used!

2009 CX-9 Touring AWD
I have always liked sporty wagons that have some utilitarian value. the interior must be as clean as possible, but the exterior? No way!

I haven't owned a car in more than ten years, but my last car was a well used and enjoyed passat wagon. Then, on this forum I saw sjg's 2009 Copper Red Touring AWD being put to proper good use, and well I knew this was the next car for me!

so, after a month of use, the cx9 was finally given a good outing over the weekend with a little bit of snow.

anyone else, please post pictures of your dirty cars being used.
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100$ GUY

2015 CX-9 GT AWD
All right, I can do it, but it ends up being just an attached image. How do you post the picture like you did it?
I gotta take a pick of mine after deer hunting next year

In the meantime I do have this, from the day after I bought it;)


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