Difficult to replace Protege Fan Belts?

It doesnt have a simple tensioner release style drive belt setup so to me its a little more difficult. The P/S belt has release bolts as well as the alternator belt. This is why I think it more difficult. Mostly because the angles. It isnt bad though.
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It is pretty easy to do. You'll have to do the power steering/ac one first. It is just two bolts (easy to get to) to loosen it. Then the alternator. This one is a little harder, but simple as well. The only thing is, if you have cruise control, you'll have to move the cruise control unit (upper left corner of the car in relation to the alternator). IMOP, easier than new cars with tensioner, as there is no rusted tensioner to deal with. Save yourself some extra headache and but the continental belts with the cross teeth ribbed belts.
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I can see how the altenator belt would be more work because its location. Thanks for the tips, especially the drive belt recommendation.
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