Diagnosing 2011 Mazda CX-7 Rattle Sound (videos included)



I have the same year and model. Almost double the clicks. I heard the rattle briefly, could be from a half shaft, steering, or shock. Without Mazda or another mechanic looking into it, there is no real clue.
@KruzinCX I am starting to think it's a heat shield of clamp from catalytic converter. Or possibly catalytic converter itself - though I have no codes and O2 sensors seem to be working fine.

Just want to make sure though - you heard the rattle clearly in those videos right?

Asking because I am filing a complaint against the dealership which got me to replace the tensioner assembly when that clearly had nothing to do with the noise since it persisted after - so want to make sure the noise is obvious to someone hearing it for the first time over video.

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