CX-90 Turbo S vs. Turbo Differences and drivetrain notes

Since you have access to the underlying components, could you look at the rear diff and see if the older CX-9 LSD or something similar could be swapped in? Prior to buying not having a LSD in the rear was my biggest concern for low traction environments (snow etc), I am not a fan of electronically controlled braking open diff "locking" diffs. Thankfully I know there is a good chance of finding a mazda or ford LSD that can be swapped in.
I would temper your expectations of finding anything that swaps in. The Ford/Mazda interchangeability days are long over. There is nothing mechanically shared between the new large platform and anything previous, the new diffs are quite a bit bigger.
Somebody in one of the other CX-90 forums got access to service manual documents, and came across this.

According to this, the side radiator is getting called out as being a high power differentiator. Could have been on the right track after all? Intercooler and transmission cooling are a separate loop, but looks like they are parallel to each other within the "low temp" loop.

We need a higher trim non-S to go look in their lower passenger grill opening (near the bottom) to see if they have the radiator there or not.


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