CX-90 Retractable Cargo Cover worth it?

2024 CX90 PHEV Premium Plus
Who has one? Is the Mazda OEM worth the price, almost $300? ( has it for about $200, plus shipping beings it up to $240).

Anyone have an aftermarket unit? Reviews on them are mixed.
Somewhat related, I have the OEM one for my CX-9. It's a good piece. The underfloor storage also has a recess perfect for storing the cargo cover when not in use. It appears that the CX-90 doesn't have this recess, which is a minor nitpick, but also a reason to consider the aftermarket versions.

I will say that the cargo cover was used maybe two or three times over the last 6 years. I'm happy that I was able to get it for a very steep discount because I never ended up using it much.
In CA, we don't use cargo covers. Maybe NC is better. You tell me.

When our criminals don't see what is beneath it, they don't walk away.
They break your rear hatch glass to find out.

I have removed my cargo covers entirely.
They are sitting in my garage.
I dont know about the CX-90, but in general cargo covers for 3 row SUVs don’t work great. Especially if you don’t have a place to store it when not in use. That is because they often cannot work in all the various third row configurations.

If you have one that mounts behind the second row, you can’t use it when the third row is up. If it mounts behind the third row only then it is very short and not really useful.
I would advise against it. Why? I bought one for my previous 2022 Lincoln Corsair GT. Used it a few times and found it a royal annoyance to be nice. I ended up throwing it out as there was no place to store it and it got in the way when I needed to lower the second row seats. Besides, I had all the windows dark tinted so no one could look into the vehicle. I did not need the cover after doing that. Suggest spending the $$ on window tinting instead.