CX-90 PHEV Range

In Canada the preliminary range provided by Mazda is 42km (26 miles). I noticed that the combined fuel economy, when only running on the 2.5L engine, is the same as the inline-6.



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Nice, that's more than I was expecting, and would likely cover my daily commute to and from work, even in the winter. Makes it easier to sell the upgrade to my wife :LOL:
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It is official, the numbers are now up on the NRCan fuel consumption rating site. Though not totally unexpected, it is still a bit disappointing to me, the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions are considerably worse than that of 3-row Kia Sorento PHEV and latest Outlander PHEV.

I couldn’t find the numbers on the linked site, but i don’t really consider the outlander and sorento in the same vehicle class of the cx-90 in terms of size, even if they do have 3 rows.

Also the amount of horsepower available (especially when related to engine size) as a considerable impact on the energy efficiency and CO2 emission rating. The CX-90 is bigger and has a bigger engine than those two, with the associated higher hp, torque value and towing rating. The outlander and sorento vs the cx-90 is not really an apple to apple comparison.
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In this review video, he shows the battery level at 13:14 in. That shows 27mile range with 95% battery capacity. He estimated it at 30miles on full. So that's definitely doable.

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In my first week with a CX-90 PHEV, I have gotten about 30 miles of of pure EV mode in two cycles. The dash tells me to expect 21-24 and the dealer said to expect 26. I guess it will vary based on speed and acceleration needed. I used it on a non-highway commute, under 50 mph, so that might explain the longer range I have seen. I could likely baby it and get 30+.