CX-9 2017 Oil quantity question

Hello, in my manual it says that it takes 4.8 liters of oil but when I did my oil change there was more than 5 liters, is it normal that the quantity is not exact, currently I put 5 liters and I am between the 2 points on the stick, thank you


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Might have to convert but most people, myself included, are seeing exactly 5.5 qts with a new filter to get it perfectly on the top line. Might have to convert. 5 qt jug is not enuf.
5L (Canadian) jug + OEM filter (#PY8W-14-302) puts me at 3/4 of the way between the two dots after waiting 5 minutes. If I check the oil cold in the morning, it's almost bang on the top dot.

I think 5.1L would be perfect, but not worth dealing with the logistics of that.

The factory fill was way over the fill dot, I would say 5.5-5.6L, so there must be quite a range where it's happy.


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The manual does specify "approximate quantities". On my 2018 I use a full 5L jug and it's usually good enough (close to the middle or just above), depending on how long I wait for the old oil to drain. I always have a second 5L jug ready to go just in case I need to add more oil to get the level to or over the middle point of the dipstick. But yes, if you want to fill right to the max line, you'll probably need closer to 5.5.
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I had the same experience. Manual says 4.8L. Guy at the dealership told me they always use 5.3L. I ended up need 5.4L to bring it right up to the full mark.
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As several have noted above, the exact level is not critical. I've put in 6 quarts, slightly above the top mark on the dipstick, and no problems. I usually put in 5-1/2 quarts (5.2 L) with a new fill, and that is good for the next 7500 miles (12,000 km).