Cx-7 Navigation and reverse camera


Hi guys Im not a cx-7 owner but I am a speed6 owner but we are all mazda owners alike.
I have a HUGE FAVOR to ask of you guys!!!

Sooo Ive been tinkering with mazda oem navi's for the past few years (mazda 03). Now in the cx-7 I noticed 3 things, 1 being you guys have voice guidance, 2 you also have a reverse camera, and 3rd I think its touchscreen?. I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to snap a few shots of the back of your dvd navigation unit, particularly im looking for the wires going to the harness's and such. And if someone wants to be even more of a huge help, see what color wires are going to the reverse cam and how many there are... Also for the reverse cam the part #

You probably ask why I want to know this...

Chances are the reverse cam is nothing more than a composite signal, so that said that means the navi unit does the converting to rgb sync to display on the screen. Well if this is true THEN in theory you should be able to add any composite source to the navigation unit (i.e. dvd player, xbox, ps2).

ok so if this is true, why am i going to add a dvd player/xbox for while im in reverse. Well the signal that triggers the navigation to turn on the reverse cam can be routed to a simple switch so the user can switch from the reverse cam/xbox to their navigation guidance screen.

So what if the cx-7 reverse camera isnt a composite signal....

If the signal isnt a composite signal, then Im sure the rest of us mazda owners wil want to try the part # so that we can add a reverse cam to our cars.

Thank you soooo much guys!!! feel free to shoot me an email if you have any findings!


Mazda RX8 and CX7
Manual says that the "media" button will swich to aux video or audio source - that might be additional dvd or mp3 player. I think you can view the movies only if you have the brake on? (scratch)