CX-60 Electric range issue?


Can't generate more than 52 km of electric autonomy. It started well after 10 days but has since dropped.

I've noticed that it will drop when using the climate control, heating,radio, lights etc. so if you're using any of these during your drive, it will drop considerably.

I have a feeling like most manufacturers that the claimed figure is based on perfect windtunnel conditions with no ancillaries being used.

I live in London, UK, and the range certainly drops faster than expected.
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CX60 Exclusive
I live in the hills. So I wasn’t expecting miracles to start with.

I can easily get 28 miles on pure EV, but you have to drive it carefully.

After 4 weeks my mpg is north of 100. I don’t know how far north, cause 100 is the maximum it will support.
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Yesterday I increased tire pressure to 3.1bar in the back 2.9 bar in the front (20"wheels). The bride has stiffened a little but I could pass 60 km on pure electric. However this pressure is above the spec.
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2022 CX-5 Turbo
3 bar ~= 43 PSI
Back in the days when I was a Prius owner active on PriusForum, many owners ran their vehicles at 40+ PSI to increase PSI, and it worked.
As long as you keep it below MaxPSI of the tires, it should be fine.
Just need to watch if the tires wear the center more.
With HRR (high rolling resistance) tires, this is not a problem due to thick side wall.
For other tire, something to keep an eye on regularly.
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