CX-60 2.5L Skyactiv PHEV Powertrain Upgrades?

Hi all,

First of all, I want to thank in advance the community for all of your inputs.

Secondly, I am writting this thread because I couldn't find anything specific to our CX-60 but I know there are some threads (here and in other forums) related to potential powertrain upgrades to the powertrain unit in our Mazda.

The case, I have recently acquired as a daily a red homura CX-60 2.5 skyactiv PHEV fully equipped and I am mostly happy with it (except for the quality & balance of the suspension set up which I hope to fix with some aftermarket dumpers & springs, this car should have a better set up with electronic dumpers and a better set of springs no doubt).

Despite of that, I couldn't find any relevant engine related mods but I saw some interesting supercharger kits for the 2.5 skyactiv engine in the CX-5 and Mazda 6 series (which is basically the same engine if I am not wrong) and I was wondering if that kit could be fitted in our CX-60 2.5 engine. I know the PHEV systems and transmission could add some complexity but I could be interested in upgrading it since I would like to have some extra of "spicy flavour" from our internal combustion engine unit.

I do not want a ton of power and torque increase just feel the fullness which a supercharger could add in its basic set up form to the 2.5 skyactiv powerplant (for "a ton of power and torque" I have the proper beast which is my C63S V8 Biturbo with some mods +/- 600cv and +/- 900NM of torque).

In case it could be possible that supercharger fitment, do you think the transmission could handle that torque and HP increase?

Looking forward to hearing from you colleagues!