CX-50 Navigation question after test drive

2014 & 2019 CX-5 Touring(s)
I just drove a turbo prem plus and saw that the maps had traffic indications on the roads display (similar to google maps). Where does that info come from? Is there some 4/5G service included with the car, or some different method?

Also, I found the turn signal clicking to be weird and annoying. It sounded like someone cracking their knuckles. Is there a way to change that sound?
I have a turbo prem plus and yes, the turn signal clicking is annoying. My first time in the car I thought there was something wrong with it because of that clicking noise. Was going to look for a way to change it myself. Just a heads up if you use apple carplay the nav directions display on the heads-up display. There is a lot of tech on this car that is going to take me some time to figure out. The dealership did a horrible job explaining how things work and I'm finding the mazda manuals don't cover everything. But I have to say it's a comfortable and fun car to drive