2013~2016 CX-5 - Upgrade infotainment- maintain functionalities?

I have a few questions, since I have a 2013/2014 model, and want to upgrade to a newer system thatcan support Carplay - wired is OK
So, if anyone has a solution or a suggestion, here are a few questions to follow:
- does the control wheel next to the shift work (navigation, selection)
- do the buttons on that control wheel section work?
- can you access your door, lock, lights?
- are front/back parking sensors working/showing on the screen/alerting?
- reverse camera working?
I’ve attached some images, so you know which wheel controller I’m referring to
btw - Crutchfield had no answer to these, specifically meaning - the controller wheel
something I found, but it looks sketchy - https://www.belsee.com/belsee-best-...id-auto-head-unit-10-1-inch-touch-screen.html
Thanks in advance with any suggestions, models, links.


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2019 CX-5 GTR

Good - the vehicle is a bit older, so documentation is very available
Bad - the vehicle is a bit older, so companies aren't spending money for "simple" solutions.

Honestly I would give the solution you found a try. Use a credit card for buyer protection.
Belsee has been around for a while, it is Chinese based, and basically custom for each order. There are varying stories of success and sunshine from the clouds, to full fraud claims. It will be a test of your patience.

I'm not sure where you are located in the world, but in the US in any major city you can find a competent integration specialist to accomplish all the above. There won't be an easy off the shelf solution, there will be signals converted and special adapters made.

Looking for a DIY solution? You will need to start making calls / inquiries, here are a few quick resources.

There most likely won't be an all in one plug and play solution, so terms like canbus and low voltage pulses are gonna be in your vocabulary soon. Basic circuit board making is going to be your friend on this project.

Looking for more - use your favorite search engine and use
"car audio integrations" "mobile multimedia" "arduino car audio"
Thanks for the quick reply
Europe is the base, and there are specialist companies, but they mostly work with their own Chinese companies 😄
Don’t think I will be going the DIY route, I’m not that keen on getting an upgrade hah
Yep, Dasaita is OK, but no support for the wheel.
Any experiences with Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer etc.? The advantage with these Chinese units is that they are customizable in terms of assigning buttons to them etc
2019 CX-5 GTR
Any experiences with Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer etc.? The advantage with these Chinese units is that they are customizable in terms of assigning buttons to them etc

you might want to reach out to @theblooms about the experience in this post:

oh a PAC Audio and Scosche are international.. so their customer service should be able to point you in the right direction.
Already reached out to @theblooms, he doesn’t have the control wheel/joystick or any of those settings on his unit, so that’s a no go
Will reach out to them, and waiting for Belsee to respond 🤞🏼
South Carolina
12 MZ5 13 CX-5
Never buy one of those "Pure Android" no-name decks. They are all junk. Absolute trash. I know, because I've tried 3 different ones, and they all have the same junk issues.

If you're going to change your deck, stick with a name brand you've heard of: Alpine, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony.
I agree - just questioning my options about the lack of info on that joystick - I would either hide it and not use it, than to have it there and for it to be unusable.
I could be OK with not being able to adjust some door settings,which I never even edit, regardless 😃

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