2017~2023 CX-5 H&R or Eibach lowering springs?

2018 Mazda CX-5 GT
Did anyone installed the H&R lowering spring for 2017+? I heard they discontinued the eibach and there are many positive feedback on them. I might be able to find a set but I also see H&R is available at many places. Just wanted to know if there are any feedback from H&R. Thanks!
I know H&R has 2 part numbers. 1 for FWD and 1 for AWD.
Since Eibach took down all the details on their site, I cant remember if they only had the 1 part number or not.
E10-55-021-02-22 (The part number in that ebay link mentioned above is for both AWD and FWD models correct? The ebay listing says FWD but I seem to remember there not being a separate part # for FWD and AWD.

I want to order from that ebay link, but I want to verify Im good to go on a 2019 AWD Cx-5.
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2019 CX-5 GTR
wow what a mess!

@Tmc225usc my research is finding another part number for AWD, looks like the newer CX-5 AWD calls for a different part number.


But this resource shows the part in the Ebay listing E10-55-014-01-22

CX-5 FWD 2017+

found here:

this site

says E10-55-021-02-22 fits both FWD / AWD in 2017+

At this point I think it is best a contact to customer service.

I'm attempting to log all the different part numbers in the knowledge sharing document under SUSPENSION https://tinyurl.com/tsc4dow
Same here I would like to buy a set, but i’m confused which one works perfectly for the 2019 AWD ? Anyone give the link please
2019 CX-5 GTR
update .....
I believe this to be the most complete break out of compatibility / fitment.

note: D = diesel
if 4WD or AWD not indicated then FWD

CX-5 (KF) 11/2016 +

2.0 AWD [118kW/160HP] E10-55-021-03-22

2.0 [114kW/155HP] E10-55-021-03-22
2.0 [121kW/165HP] E10-55-021-03-22

2.2 D AWD [110kW/150HP] E10-55-021-04-22
2.2 D AWD [129kW/175HP] E10-55-021-04-22

2.2 D [110kW/150HP] E10-55-021-04-22
2.2 D [129kW/175HP] E10-55-021-04-22

2.5 AWD [135kW/184HP] E10-55-021-04-22
2.5 AWD [143kW/194HP] E10-55-021-04-22

2.5 [140kW/190HP] E10-55-021-04-22

CX-5 (KE, GH) [11/2011 ->]

2.0 AWD [110kW/150HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 AWD [113kW/154HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 AWD [114kW/155HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 AWD [115kW/156HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 AWD [116kW/158HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 AWD [118kW/160HP] E10-55-014-01-22

2.0 [110kW/150HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [113kW/154HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [114kW/155HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [115kW/156HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [116kW/158HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [121kW/165HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.0 [125kW/170HP] E10-55-014-01-22

2.2 D 4WD [129kW/175HP] E10-55-014-01-22
2.2 D AWD [110kW/150HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.2 D AWD [129kW/175HP] E10-55-014-02-22

2.2 D [110kW/150HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.2 D [129kW/175HP] E10-55-014-02-22

2.5 4WD [135kW/184HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.5 AWD [136kW/185HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.5 AWD [138kW/188HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.5 4WD [141kW/192HP] E10-55-014-02-22

2.5 [136kW/185HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.5 [138kW/188HP] E10-55-014-02-22
2.5 [11kW/192HP] E10-55-014-02-22
Wow thanks for all that info CX5_Driver.
Unfortunately, I tried to contact eibach support a couple of weeks ago (including sales) and never got an answer.

So looks like us AWD gen 2s need to find
E10-55-021-04-22 instead. What a mess.
but that will lower it about 1 inch=30mm only ! is there any pics for our AWD gen 2s with Eibach?
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2019 CX-5 GTR
Id say that Eibach simply has "revision" numbers for the springs

All of these have been found on various online reputable vendors for the CX-5 2017+ AWD


My "hunch" is the E10-55-021 part is the designation, 02 is the revision, the last 22 is part of a standard part number.

When online vendors put their part catalogs online; they simply post the current "revision/regional" of the part and never went back to revise it. That is why early adopters of the springs stated they used the "02" part with good results it was the earliest part number available.
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If any one was on the fence about the ebay auction, despite saying they had 10 available, they do not.

Got the following email a bit ago:

"thanks for the purchase, however sorry to inform you that this particular set of springs were just discontinued by Eibach
we will have to cancel and refund the transaction
sorry again for the inconvenience

Im guessing everyone just direct shipped inventory from Eibach vs having it physically on site.
I guess only option left is h&r... Anyone got any feedback or best price for it so far?
Is there any 2017+ with the H&R ? And yes I guess this is the only lowering springs available. There was CorkSport and GodSpeed lowering springs, but unfortunately we have only one choice left
And because the discussion isn't muddy enough how about some lowering springs from Japan?

Low Down SpringDiesel/Petrol Turbo 2WD

Diesel/Petrol Turbo 4WD

Petrol NA 2WD

Petrol NA 4WD



Ride-height -30mm
It says ( Lowers vehicle by approximately 30mm (1.18 inch) ) and it costs $415 ?
2018 Mazda CX-5 GT
I got update on the eibach which is still available in EU.

The difference between E10-55-021-03-22 (1120 Kg)and E10-55-021-04-22 (1190 Kg) is the max. tested axle load. In both kits, the rear is the same but we offer two different kinds of front springs.
I contacted Eibach again and they said there is no other kit for other cars that is close enough to use in place of E10-55-021-02-22. They mentioned some online stores might still have stock if they werent using the direct ship method.
I went through 2 pages of google searches for 'E10-55-021-02-22' and every place I called or chatted with said they were out of stock/no longer produced.

I think I came to terms with the fact that Im not meant to have these lowering springs. :(