CX-5 Beauty Shot Thread

2017 Mazda CX-5
Thachers State Park Lookout! Spring has finally come to the NorthEast!

Thachers Park Lookout.jpg


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Suggestion to all photographers here:

Pay attention to the location of the sun!. This a professional photographer tip. Posts #410 and #416 for example are taken with the CX in full shade, as were many others. It is difficult to make out details, colors etc. in the dark. I know we are proud and excited about our CXs, but to really show them off we need to make sure that others can actually see them. When taking a photo make sure the sun is behind you. The result will be a much more attractive photo that others can really enjoy.
Yeah like I said, will have to take a better pic. But now I got my summer tires (and OEM wheels) back on. ;)


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Wow, some fantastic shots here. Pro level. How many takes did the plane shot take, Mac? :D
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I definitely like Euro headlights without that ugly front amber side markers and reflectors. (y)

And the front fog lights can be on without headlights been turned on! (y)
Yes by turning the sidelights on, the DRLs go off but I think I tried it on a US rental and it didn’t work 🙁


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Sheesh, some of the recent pictures posted here are of better quality/composition than those used to promote the 2022 CX-5. Very nice shots!