CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

Hi, my firmware is to old (59.00.446 NA N) on my CX-5 2017 for add a car play module. where i buy or download the latest firmware. Thank
Good afternoon.

Can you provide me with the link to download the firmware update for a 2018 Mazda CX-5? My current OS version is 59.00.504 NA N

Thank you in advance
Can someone set me up with the following firmware 70.00.335 4A N?

I'm trying to upgrade my CX-5 to have CarPlay.

Thanks in advance!
I just got an IPhone to replace my old Android phone. CarPlay was working fine for a week or so in my 2020 Reserve when all of a sudden Siri will not respond. The Siri logo comes up and fluctuates like it senses my question,(like what is the temperature)but no sound occurs. I can hear Siri when giving directions on Apple Maps so the audio seems to be working there. Rebooted the phone and turned Siri on and off in the settings to no avail. No updates have occurred on the phone and I haven’t touched the Mazda’s settings. Anyone have any insight into what the problem is? Thanks in advance!
"I just got an IPhone to replace my old Android phone."
Whatever did you do that for? I'm an Android user who had to use an Apple for work and found out very quickly that Apple is just...weird.
I called Apple support and they answered the phone in 2 minutes! The tech was obviously in the USA and discussed the problem and my troubleshooting in detail and suggested that the problem could be on their end. I was sent to a next level tech who put a profile on my phone to see if the specific problem could be looked at. Hopefully they can resolve soon. Either way the support was really impressive IMHOM