CX-30 Passenger Airbag Light question

Do US 2021 CX-30 have a passenger airbag deactivation switch? The manual states that some models do but I am unable to locate it if it exists. The reason I was asking is because the passenger airbag light is constantly on even when an adult is sitting the passenger seat. I am attempting to ensure that the passenger airbags would activate properly. Everything I found states that the light after a few seconds should go out when you have an adult passenger if the airbag is activated and all is working as it should. Any ideas?
3x Mazdas
I put a piece of black electrical tape over those lights (on the overhead console) because I found them annoying. I did that within a couple days of having my now 15 month old CX-30. I haven't had an issue since. 🤪
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