CX-30 NAV?

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That's good to know.
The reason I asked is that I'm thinking that after my three years is up in November, instead of paying for future updates, I'll just buy a new SD card for $45., and get another three years out of it.
I was considering this as well. My impression is that your car is registered with the card. I don't know that a new card comes with a fresh Free Update period.

I've yet to register or update mine due my rural internet speeds, so haven't been through the Toolbox process.

If it DOES give 3 free years, I'll buy a card now while they're available and keep it on hand.
Why would someone choose a Nav card for $$ over Android Auto or Apple Car Play?

Without the nav card, speed limits do not show up on the dash or in the head-up display. You need the nav card to take advantage of the full features of the HUD. In addition, when you are using Android Auto, speed limits are not visible in the HUD. So, you can't can't have it both ways. Instead, if you are using GoogleMaps through AA, speed limits many times show up on the screen of GM. So it's a decision you have to make. I personally don't use AA that much unless I'm on a trip because I don't like to have to plug in the phone in order to use it. You can't use it over BT.
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I just bought a 2021 CX-30 S on 8/18/21.The car was brand new, only 4 miles on the odometer. The display says the vehicle is navigation ready.
I'm now on my 2nd Navigation card. The first one I bought from Amazon. I inserted it, drove the car and nothing happened. dickssportinggoods feedback survey
You bought the wrong card. I did the same thing my first try. Coincidentally I just looked on Amazon and don't see any cards for a CX-30 - only other Mazda models.