CX-3 Grab Handle Height?


Hi, folks. I am requesting a CX-3 owner to measure the height of the hatch grab handle when fully opened, and generally the level of effort (1-5, 5 being highest effort) to close.

I am researching cars for my mom, and with supply being what it is there is a scarcity of CX-3s in my area to kick the tires in person. She also lives 500 miles away, so coordinating everything is a hassle.

The reason I ask is that she's barely five-feet, approaching 70-years-old, and lives alone. This will likely be her last car, and I want to make sure she can easily live with it into her 70s. She loves her hatches and wants the smallest form factor in a reliable package.

Thanks in advance.


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Ah, wish I saw this earlier. I was just at a dealership with a few CX-3s on the lot.

Hopefully someone else will be able to help!