CX-3 Front parking sensors issue

Hi guys,
I am looking for a solution to make "enable or run an adaptation" for my front parking sensors. I've bought a cx-3 2.0 petrol, 2018 without front parking sensors. I have managed to get a 2nd hand genuine Mazda OEM equipment. My Mazda connect screen acknowledged the new feature of the front PDC and 5 seconds later they became inactive. No DTC codes during the scan.

I suspect that sensors require "coding" to the main computer. I have called the main UK Mazda dealer and he said that they don't offer a "coding" service... What would you suggest as a DYI solution?

Many thanks in advance
if that model comes with sensors you have to code them yes. check out mazda3revolution forum search for "asbuilt" and ask there.
You need the parking sensor computer as well and possibly rear ones too. Or may be you already got those.
the procedure is quite involving and there is risk for messing things up.