For Sale Custom black-housing Protege5 headlights, rough condition, project or parts/repair

Location: Eugene, Oregon
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For Sale: Set of custom black-housing P5 headlights, rough condition, best for a project or parts/repair. Sold AS-IS.

Condition: Rough. Functional without much work, but not amazing. They were originally swapped with projectors, but I swapped the reflector with projectors with a set of stock reflectors, which have also had the bulb mounts modified slightly.
No bulbs included. I'll include all extra screws/hardware that I have. Housings/lenses currently unsealed, can send photos of individual parts if desired. The headlights come apart in ~4 pieces each. Below is the condition for each:
  • Housings: Drivers has both clips broken off and has a hole drilled in the back (who knows why). Passenger has bottom tab thing below lowbeam socket dremeled off. Some little rubber vent tubes, screws, clips missing from both.
  • Lenses: Both are hazy, peeling coating, stress fractures, cracks, scratches. Driver has outer end/corner broken off.
  • Reflectors (bulb mounts): Both stock chrome, lowbeam bulb mounts both missing the wire bulb holders, seem to have paint spilled on them. Paint could be peeled off, but best to be cut out for projector retrofit.
  • Outer shrouds: Painted matte black, chrome rings around high/low/parking lights, chrome is peeling. Could use sanding/repaint. One tab screwing onto lens is broken off, can be epoxied, don't remember which side. One plastic clip that the adjuster screw threads into is broken, don't remember which side.
Make an offer. Just wanting to cover some of my retrofit costs and not waste the extra stuff. Buyer pays shipping, contiguous US only.
Package is 22x14x10, ~12lb. Preliminary check on shipping rates says ~$35 to LA, $45 to Chicago, $55 to NY via FedEx. Send your area code for exact quote.

I would also be willing to sell individual parts of the headlights, but I'd rather sell all at once.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Edit: Just realized my datestamp was wrong. Pics taken 05/28 not 05/08.


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