CorkSport Brand Parts Sales, save $$

Hello Everyone,
We are having a sale on several CorkSport parts. There are no promo codes to enter, we have adjusted the prices on our webpage. This sale expires on 12/31/2008

#1 CorkSport FC radiator. Retail price is $299, Sale price $250. Save $49
Link to the CorkSport radiator

#2 CorkSport type "CS" Lip for the 86-88 Rx7. Retail price $169, sale price $143. Save $26.
Link to the CorkSport Type "CS" Lip

#3 CorkSport FC Short Shifter. Retail $189 sale price $169. Save $20
Link to the CorkSport Short Shifter

#4 CorkSport FD rear strut brace. Retail $89, sale price $66, save $23.
Link to the CorkSport FD rear strut tower bar

Click here for a link to the entire sale section with other car models parts listed.

If anyone has any questions or needs a shipping quote send a PM, email, or call us at 360 260 2675.
Thanks for reading
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