Condensation in 2019 CX-3 headlight assembly

Just bought a CX-3 last night. The left front headlight has condensation inside the housing which I really don't like. Unfortunately, the car has 41k miles so it's past the warranty for this. Does anyone have recommendations how to fix this? I've done this before on a previous car where I removed the housing assembly and ran a silicone seal aroung the entire seal, but for this headlight to remove it I'd have to take off the entire front bumper. Any ideas here?
2010 Mz3 GT 2.5 MT
@Himalayan_Hi I had the exact same problem. Without removing the headlight, locate this drain plug snorkel and remove it. Inside is a piece of foam that will be soaked in water. Remove the foam and let it dry completely. Keep your hood open and try to let the water evaporate out of the housing.

If you only have a little water inside, do NOT wait. We had about 5 ounces of water which would not evaporate easily.

If you decide you need to remove the headlights, you'll need to remove the front bumper. Follow this YouTube video as the process is nearly identical. Be incredibly careful when working around the wheel well as the clips break easily (our dealer broke one of our).